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A face only the sole of a show could love

'ello. My name is Fiona. Mind I sit down?

No but I was supposed to be meeting someone but he seems to be running late.

Is his name Oisin? Tall? Dark curly hair? Blue eyes? Gets sunburned easily?


I'm his sister. You're Dean? He was sentenced to the flat for the week so he asked me to fill in here because he neglected to ask your number, or else he would have rung you up.


You don't have to stay if you don't want. But I am, as I have just sat down and it would look rather strange if I got up again after being here only for a moment.

Oh no, you can stay if you'd like. I just need to moment to understand all this.. (pause) All right, the moment's over. And if you're staying and I'm staying then perhaps we might as well..

Stay together? All right. I did order a coffee and it would be a shame to miss it.


Hot chocolate, actually. With hazelnut. Bit of a sweet tooth.

I got the feeling. So, his name's Oisin?

He didn't tell you? Comes off as quite dashing until you talk to him, hmm? At least that's what I've always thought. Has a habit of speaking with his fists.

Does he always ask out people he's had a bit of a row with?

Oh, you're the one who broke his nose! Brilliant! I wanted to meet you! I never did understand what about those bloody football matches made people want to fight. Granted Beckham is a bit of looker but as he's married to a Spice, I'm not about to run about and punch people in the face because I can't have him.

It wasn't about Beckham.

Oh you're blushing- sorry! Just thought. yes. So what was it about then?

I support West Ham.

And my brother asked you out anyway? He must really fancy you then.

Oh I don't know. Maybe he felt bad.

He has feelings too? I'm learning more about him then I have in 16 years of being his sister. But then again, he's still the same lad to me who pissed in a cup once on a car trip because there weren't any loos about and he refused to go at in the in the woods.


I shouldn't have told you that should I? Looks like my brother is loosing his shots at a second date, hmm?

It's alright. Second date?

Well this is like a first only I'm getting to know you and not him.

Here's your hot chocolate miss. Would you like another sir?

Oh thank you.

No I'm fine.

Something to eat?

No. Thanks.

No, thank you. So anyway.

You don't like football then?

Oh it's all right. Gives some people something to believe in then. Prefer writing myself.

Really? Like what?

Oh poetry, songs. Want to get a bar tending license and listen to people and then write it all down and then sell it back to them.

Black mail or a book?

Bit of both.

And you? How do you spend your time when you're not getting your eyebrow split?

I like to draw. Paint and charcoal and such. See bands. The eyebrow, well I didn't leave the house with the intention of needing three stitches.

Be a bit surprised if you did. What bands?

Um, Jobe. The Weakerthans. Guster. Samiam. The Queers. Sex Pistols and Velvet Underground. Black Box Recorder.

Brilliant! You like Jobe too?! Are you going to go see their next show?

If I knew when.

Oh soon, we should go together. Or, you and my brother and I could find a date.

Or if he can't go.

So we will. The Queers? Are you taking a piss?

No, it's an actually band. Quite good. Bit goofy.

Black Box Recorder? Velvet Underground? Sex Pistols? Bravo.

Thank you. You finished then?

I could order another if you'd like to stay.

I'd like to but my aunt is expecting me. Walk to your flat though.

All right. Shame my brother has stakes on you. You seem nice.
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